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Our Story

Owner Andrew Shelly has the perfect combination of cutting edge style and sophisticated knowledge that the jewelry trade needs today. With years of experience as a buyer and manager, and educated by the GIA (Gemological institute of America) and DCA (Diamond Council of America), Andrew combines technical skills with his love for the Elizabethtown community.

His local roots inspired Andrew to open his jewelry store in the heart of Elizabethtown, PA. Andrew shares, “Every day is new and different and it’s a joy to help people repair a family heirloom or help them select or design a unique piece.” Andrew is dedicated to the Elizabethtown Community and has been involved with the Elizabethtown Chamber of Commerce as well as co-chair of the Downtown Committee.

The newly renovated store has a charming, boutique look and feel, plus a new back entrance from our private parking lot to provide customers with easier access.  

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